EDMS management team has a broad base of experience in the design and production services:


    CEO/Owner of EDMS and Gauge Works (The Parent Company of EDMS), founded the company in 2008. Greg is graduate of San Diego State University. He has degree in finance, marketing and mechanical engineering with 15 years of experience in designing and manufacturing his own products. Greg holds over 20 patents.

    + Contact Greg via Email: gregd@edmscustoms.com // Phone: 703-996-4818 // Fax: 703-661-1304


    Operations Manager of EDMS has over 15 years in manufacturing experience and 10 years in aerospace machining and fabrication. Jason has a degree in Business Management from Rochester University.

    + Contact Jason via Email: jasonh@edmscustoms.com // Phone: 703-996-4819 // Fax: 703-661-1304


    Mechanical Engineer with 7 years of experience in designing. Michal is graduate of Technical University in Zvolen Slovakia. He has degree in mechanical engineering and production management.

    + Contact Michal via Email: michalh@edmscustoms.com // Phone: 703-996-4816 // Fax: 703-661-1304


    Production Manager. With over 10 years of management experience Andy is responsible for coordinating work flow schedules, managing daily operations, and overseeing shipping/receiving.

    +Contact Andy via Email: andyf@edmscustoms.com // Phone: 703-996-4817 // Fax: 703-661-1304